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Merle Norman Cosmetics

We are proud to carry the entire Merle Norman line in our studio. To learn more about Merle Norman's products, visit their corporate website.

About Merle Norman

The company’s beginnings are an American success story. It started in the late 1920s when an ambitious young woman named Merle Nethercutt Norman began sharing skin care products of her own creation with family and friends. She demonstrated the products as an added service, believing if she could “get it on their faces” they would become customers.

Merle Norman is also the inventor of the legendary “Before and After” makeover. Decades before working women were the norm, Merle Norman gave hundreds of women the opportunity to achieve business success by owning and operating their own Studios. Her single Studio has evolved into the successful corporation it is today.

Made in America

Merle Norman Cosmetics currently researches, develops, manufactures and packages its own line of skin care and color products which are proudly made in the USA. To ensure optimum quality control, the company houses its own Research & Development department on the premises of its headquarters in Los Angeles. Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, Merle Norman Cosmetics takes pride in its pioneering use of advanced formulations.

Can't make it to our store? We mail makeup right to your doorstep!! Simply call us, place your order with credit card, and we will ship right away!

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